Nmc MB1 Decoflair Cup Box

    Nmc MB1 Decoflair Cup Box

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    The famous NMC group presents the Decoflair NMC MB1 cutting box, a device specially adapted to moldings and cornices that will allow you to make very precise and simple angle cuts in your materials. Professional result guaranteed with the MB1 NMC box.
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    The MB1 cutting box

    We offer the MB1 cutting box manufactured by NMC, a French company known for the quality of its products, and which is the European leader in decorative moldings in polystyrene and polyurethane. the MB1 box will be your best partner to make your corner cuts in your moldings and cornices and to decorate both your interiors and exteriors. Your cuts will not only be simple to make, but also an exemplary precision and without any defect, for a rendering worthy of the professionals.

    Technical characteristics

    One of the strengths of the MB1 NMC is its mobility: it has dimensions of 60.3x28.2x18.2 cm making it very easy to transport, but also very compact for a work plan more optimized.

    We will particularly appreciate its ergonomics, the product has been cleverly assembled to allow you to make all your cuts in optimal conditions. Thus, the cutting plane has a V shape in order to firmly hold the piece and avoid falling, and arrange your elements vertically to facilitate cutting. This plane is supported by two large flat surface feet that will provide perfect stability to the set and allow you to place your NMC cutter box on many surfaces.

    The cutting plan has 3 clear and wide markings to easily use all your saws. Thus a right angle is designed to allow you to make your corner cuts in your moldings or cornices with a precision and quality of exceptional finishes, making your work comparable to that of a professional. This right angle is crossed and separated into two equal parts by a final marking that will allow you to make angles of 45 ° if necessary.

    This material is suitable for use with polystyrene and polyurethane materials.

    Tips for painting your carved moldings and cornices

    If your material is polystyrene, you must absolutely use a solvent-free acrylic paint.

    If it is polyurethane, an underlayer is already laid during machining. You will be able to use all types of paints, we nevertheless recommend you to carry out a preliminary test.

    Tips for laying your cornices and cut moldings

    You will find on the sheet of your products indications on the amount of glue to use.

    Firstly make the desired cuts in your products, taking care to take a saw adapted to the machined material (polystyrene or polyurethane).

    Provide additional accessories such as cartridge gun, cutter and sponge to help with installation or finishing.

    A NMC product, a guarantee of quality

    You get a NMC product, it is a pledge of quality transcribed by a real seriousness and a production of 100% French origin. The MB1 NMC cutting box has been manufactured from quality materials for durability and machining quality assured.

    Transport and delivery

    • We use transportation partners for the delivery of our products. We carry out a pallet strapping to avoid any delivery incident and ensure our merchandise 100%. The only thing we ask our customers is to check the condition of the pallet and its contents before acceptance of the delivery. If you have any doubt, refuse delivery and notify specific reservations on the waybill, otherwise we can not be held responsible if the goods shows significant damage.

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