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Le négoce notre métier depuis 15 ans !

Grâce à notre expérience dans le domaine de la négociation nous pouvons vous proposer des centaines de produits à prix mini. Nous expédions dans toute l'Europe est nous vous proposons du prix de gros. Plus vous achetez moins c'est cher !

  • 55,00 € In Stock

    Here is the famous TBox 400 toolbox from Posso, always as effective and appreciated. Its numerous ergonomic storage units are able to accommodate many tools of all kinds and all sizes, while making them available continuously in a simple and fast way. The best ally for any worker profile, whether professional or private.

    55,00 €
    In Stock
  • 3,99 € In Stock

    Cushion knees high quality polyethylene, discount price for your work various beautiful size of 40 cm by 20 cm.

    3,99 €
    In Stock
  • 49,50 € 55,00 € -10% In Stock

    Here is the special edition of the famous T Box Posso Euronegotiate, still as effective and sought after as it was when it first appeared about twenty years ago. It offers a storage and display of your most ergonomic tools, for optimal results both professionals and individuals.

    49,50 € 55,00 € -10%
    Online only
    In Stock
  • 39,95 € In Stock

    Here is the Box Pinball by Posso and Euronegotiate, a new version of the famous tool box Tbox 400 that will enhance your work plan in the best way. This quality product is a combination of ergonomics with its system of modular compartments, mobility and durability. A must for both professionals and individuals.

    39,95 €
    In Stock
  • 19,99 € 39,98 € -50% In Stock

    Set of two panels with 3D patterns "Ocean" rigid polyurethane foam allowing a personalized realization of your interior.

    19,99 € 39,98 € -50%
    In Stock
  • 19,99 € In Stock

    NOMA®PARKETT insulating underlays are designed to provide an effective barrier against noise and cold, as well as rising moisture.

    19,99 €
    In Stock
  • 410,00 € In Stock

    With a ceramic sink from Sarreguemines, put the accent of design of unequaled quality in your kitchen: each sink seduces by a unique language of design which it perfects your interior. Ceramics of very high quality of French manufacture.

    410,00 €
    Online only
    In Stock
  • 19,99 € 39,98 € -50% In Stock

    Set of two panels with 3D patterns "Sahara" rigid polyurethane foam allowing a personalized realization of your interior.

    19,99 € 39,98 € -50%
    In Stock
  • 245,00 € In Stock

    You are looking for a luxury ceramic sink, 100% French, Sarreguemines ?. So here is our beautiful built-in sink 1.5 tanks "Ingot" White Manufacturing 100% French.

    245,00 €
    In Stock
  • 355,00 € In Stock

    With a ceramic sink by Sarreguemines, put the emphasis on unparalleled quality design in your kitchen: each sink is seduced by a unique design language that enhances your interior. Ceramics of very high quality of French manufacture.

    355,00 €
    Online only
    In Stock
  • 10,90 € In Stock

    Here is the MB2 V cut box following the MB1 qualitative box. This smaller model is just as effective and practical as its predecessor. You will be able to make cuts and angles extremely precise and precise in your moldings and your cornices, for a result of the level of the professionals.

    10,90 €
    Online only
    In Stock

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Arrivage Sanitaire

  • 419,90 € In Stock

    We propose you the Country Blanc, a French luxury Timbre d'Office sink by Sarreguemines, a concentrate of beauty, luxury and practicality. Two large bins and two small drip trays are present and arranged in a practical way. The quality ceramic used in its construction guarantees exceptional durability and gives a sleek design to the whole.

  • 426,50 € In Stock

    We offer you the Timbre d'Office Baroque Blanc Sarreguemines luxury kitchen sink, a sink with exemplary quality finishes for a very successful design that will go with many interiors. You will also appreciate its two large capacity bins and its easy maintenance.

  • 469,90 € In Stock

    The famous French sink manufacturer Sarreguemines offers you the Grand Siècle Blanc, a lavish French Timbre d'Office Sink. It will embellish your kitchen very well with its modern appearance and make your daily life easier by the ease of its maintenance. A product of exceptional quality and irreproachable durability.

  • 580,90 € In Stock

    Ceramic Sink 1 bowl + Drip tray Range "Grand Siècle" Black. : Model combining authenticity, luxury and comfort of use. French made