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We offer our hydrotherapy kits, complete sets to install a shower in your bathroom with jets beneficial for your health.

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  • 599,00 € In Stock

    The US shower support kit with water inlet offers a complete set of accessories for mounting a practical shower in vintage design. It contains a...

    599,00 €
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  • 97,93 € 139,90 € -30% In Stock

    The Salsa shower column kit designed by Wirquin is an ideal combination to decorate your bathroom decor and form an advanced shower with a 5-jet...

    97,93 € 139,90 € -30%
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  • 525,00 € In Stock

    We present the Select shower kit without water intake, a complete product to attach to your wall to build a retro shower. It features a 40x10x90 cm...

    525,00 €
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  • 309,00 € In Stock

    We present the basic shower column with diverter, a product designed to attach to the wall of your bathroom to put your shower. It contains a Basic...

    309,00 €
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  • 188,00 € In Stock
  • 469,00 € In Stock
  • 240,00 € In Stock

    Here is the square shower column telescopic and adjustable, a very practical and flexible system to mount a shower in any type of bathroom. Its...

    240,00 €
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  • 374,00 € In Stock

    The Square telescopic and adjustable shower column is an accessory that will perfectly complement your bathroom with its discreet design, to put a...

    374,00 €
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  • 194,00 € In Stock

    This is the Renov Colonne shower kit, an intelligent system with variable spacing that can replace a standard kit, consisting of a 1 m bar with...

    194,00 €
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  • 179,00 € In Stock

    Looking for an original and durable shower kit for your bathroom, the Renov Cayenne shower kit is perfect for you. It consists of a bar of 70 cm...

    179,00 €
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  • 146,00 € In Stock

    We present you the Renov Arte shower set consisting of a brass 70 cm bar and a monojet anti-scale hand shower, an ideal product to decorate your...

    146,00 €
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  • 149,00 € In Stock

    Here is the Vogue shower kit, a set of 70 cm bar and a hand shower anti-scale in a sleek and elegant design to complete the decoration of your...

    149,00 €
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  • 209,00 € In Stock

    The Stick shower kit offers a sleek modern design that suits most interior decorations to complement your shower. It contains a 75 cm bar and a...

    209,00 €
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  • 177,00 € In Stock

    Here is the shower kit Aloha, a product with a sober and discreet design to equip and decorate your shower. It consists of a bar of 70 cm and a...

    177,00 €
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  • 99,00 € In Stock

    Discover here the Yuma shower kit with a sober design adaptable to any type of shower. It contains a bar of 60 cm and a hand shower Zen monojet...

    99,00 €
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  • 333,00 € In Stock

    We present the Retro Charleston Shower Kit, which will fill you with its original vintage design and solid brass construction. It is accompanied by...

    333,00 €
    In Stock
  • 175,00 € In Stock

    The Prince S Shower Kit is a contemporary design set that's perfect for decorating your bathroom, with a 70cm bar and a 3-spray Prince S...

    175,00 €
    In Stock
  • 199,00 € In Stock

    Here is the Arco shower kit without soap dish, a kit with simple lines that fits perfectly in any type of interior decoration. It features an 80 cm...

    199,00 €
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  • 235,00 € In Stock

    Here is the Arco shower set with soap dish, a stylish design set for your bathroom with an 80cm bar and Antical Fresh hand shower with a handy soap...

    235,00 €
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  • 292,00 € In Stock

    We present you the Ermes shower kit without soap dish to decorate your bathroom with its fine and elegant lines, it offers a semi oval bar of 90 cm...

    292,00 €
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  • 335,00 € In Stock

    Here is the shower set Ermes PS, a set of 90 cm semi oval bar, an anti-scale hand shower 3 jets and a soap dish that can hold your shampoo to...

    335,00 €
    In Stock
  • 158,00 € In Stock

    We present the shower kit Minerva PS to complete the decoration of your bathroom, this very complete product offers you a 85 cm straight oval bar,...

    158,00 €
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  • 158,00 € In Stock

    The Venus PS shower set is a set to decorate your bathroom, consisting of an 80cm oval bar and a 3-jet anti-scale tennis hand shower with an...

    158,00 €
    In Stock
  • 76,00 € In Stock

    Discover here the brass hand shower monojet, a quality accessory to complete your shower with its design with pleasant retro touches. This product...

    76,00 €
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  • 104,00 € In Stock

    The Nikita brass shower set is a modern design set ideal for your bathroom, it consists of a hygienic trigger hand shower, a 1.25 m ABS hose and an...

    104,00 €
    In Stock
  • 119,00 € In Stock

    Discover the Gaia hand shower kit in chromed brass, a product that will allow you to complete your shower with a very successful contemporary...

    119,00 €
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  • 97,00 € In Stock

    We offer the chromed brass shower kit without water intake, an accessory to install in your shower with a sleek design that will easily match any...

    97,00 €
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  • 112,00 € In Stock

    The chromed brass shower set with water intake is a product with very simple lines to complete all types of showers, it consists of a micro...

    112,00 €
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  • 65,00 € In Stock

    Here is the kit Relax hygienic shower with round stopcock, an accessory that will allow you to finalize your shower with its modern design. Be...

    65,00 €
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  • 125,00 € In Stock

    The Relax shower kit with mixer tap offers a brass shower head, a 1m hose and a chromed brass wall bracket to decorate your shower.

    125,00 €
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  • 85,00 € In Stock

    The Salomé shower set with brass support is a complete product to complement your shower consisting of a brass rain shower, a brass 1.20 m hose and...

    85,00 €
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  • 25,00 € In Stock

    Here is the round stopcock, an accessory with a sleek design to complete your shower and control the flow of your water. This product is available...

    25,00 €
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  • 266,00 € In Stock

    Introducing the Idrojet hygienic shower kit, a community-friendly set consisting of a 1/2 wall stopcock, a 2-jet brass handshower and a 1.20-meter...

    266,00 €
    In Stock
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