We offer a selection of ergonomic accessories to complete your bathroom at exceptional prices. Here you will find towel racks, cups, bins and many other products.

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  • 49,00 € In Stock

    We offer the stick articulated wall mount Stick, a very useful accessory to install your shower and bring him mobility thanks to the fluid...

    49,00 €
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  • 85,00 € In Stock

    Here is the Square articulated wall mount, a product to fix to your wall that will allow you to install your shower and allow it to rotate to wash...

    85,00 €
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  • 407,00 € In Stock

    We present the 28cm head shower with arms to complete your shower with its original design and take pleasant showers. Available in chrome, brushed...

    407,00 €
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  • 444,00 € In Stock

    The Tetris shower kit is a space-saving and easy-to-install shower fixture that includes a 80 cm fixing bar and a hand shower with 1.50 m hose....

    444,00 €
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  • 178,00 € In Stock

    We offer the Tetris duplex kit with a very original and neat design for a minimal space in your shower, consisting of a wall bracket and a 1.50 m...

    178,00 €
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  • 32,00 € In Stock

    Introducing the Arte Fixed Wall Bracket, a sleek design accessory that will allow you to install your shower stably. This product is available in...

    32,00 €
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  • 36,00 € In Stock

    We offer the Glam fixed wall mount, an accessory with detailed and modern finishes that will allow you to install a shower on one of your walls....

    36,00 €
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  • 43,00 € In Stock

    The Glam MM 1/2 water intake with fixed support is a product with modern design perfect to complement your interior decoration and install a shower...

    43,00 €
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  • 178,00 € In Stock

    The Cascade chrome shower head is an accessory to install on your shower to enjoy a uniform stream. It has a power supply M 1/2, available in...

    178,00 €
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  • 52,00 € In Stock

    The recessed round hand shower is a recessed accessory in one of the walls of your shower that will make you enjoy its aerial design and its fixed...

    52,00 €
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  • 56,00 € In Stock

    We offer the square recessed side spray, a product to be embedded in the wall of your shower with fixed rain jets arranged on its surface of...

    56,00 €
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  • 68,00 € In Stock

    Here is the maxi showerhead in round ABS, a system with anti-limestone pins very hygienic that provides a constant stream of water. Its diameter is...

    68,00 €
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  • 138,00 € In Stock

    Here is the shower arm oval XXL 60x25 mm, a product with a 1/2 output and a rosette 100x100 mm original and modern design perfect for decorating...

    138,00 €
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  • 27,00 € In Stock

    Here is the flat fixed wall support, an accessory with sober and discreet lines that can be implanted in any type of interior decoration that will...

    27,00 €
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  • 29,00 € In Stock

    We present the Arte MM 1/2 water intake with articulated support, an ergonomic product to install a mobile shower with a water supply in your...

    29,00 €
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  • 24,90 € In Stock

    We offer the cylindrical water intake MM 1/2, a product mounted on a platinum with a water inlet for a wall mount to accommodate a shower....

    24,90 €
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  • 14,90 € In Stock

    The Trad MM 1/2 water intake offers an original and curvaceous design to decorate your bathroom designed to install a shower on your wall with a...

    14,90 €
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  • 42,00 € In Stock

    Discover here the articulated wall mount Carré, a product with a contemporary design ideal for the decoration of your bathroom which will allow you...

    42,00 €
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  • 39,00 € In Stock

    Discover the water intake Arte MM 1/2 with fixed support is a product with an elegant design to decorate your bathroom which will allow you to...

    39,00 €
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  • 260,00 € In Stock

    Give your shower top quality with this Versailles shower kit made in Italy. Sold with a bar of 600 mm, a hose of shower diameter 18mm of 1.5m and a...

    260,00 €
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  • 275,00 € In Stock

    Here is a kit consisting of a bar of 60 cm and diameter 18mm, a hose of 1.50m and a shower in retro design. Quality product.

    275,00 €
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  • 297,00 € In Stock

    You have opted for a built-in shower system so why not put this retro arm with showerhead 200 mm wide? Really ideal for completing an installation...

    297,00 €
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  • 510,00 € In Stock

    Are you looking for a high quality shower kit with the bar, the 1.5m shower hose, the olympia design shower and the possibility of choosing from 4...

    510,00 €
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  • 516,00 € In Stock

    The Vintage shower kit with 1.50 m hose and "micro" handshower is a complete set to decorate your shower, with finishes to choose from chrome,...

    516,00 €
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  • 223,00 € In Stock

    Need a quality kit for your shower? So here is the Olympia Duplex Shower Kit with its incredible looking hand shower and brass hinge and 1.50m...

    223,00 €
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  • 207,00 € In Stock

    Here is the Duplex kit in vintage design consisting of an articulated brass support, a 1.50m shower hose and a hand shower.

    207,00 €
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  • 670,00 € In Stock

    Find a shower set complete and very high quality shower column with mixer tap, 200mm diameter apple, flexible 1.5m and retro shower!

    670,00 €
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  • 133,00 € In Stock

    Here is the duplex kit for your shower that offers a retro style shower, a brass bracket and a 1.50m hose. 9 finishes available.

    133,00 €
    In Stock
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