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Roof Antifoam Concentrate Cleanser


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Discover Concentrated Antifoam From Euronegoce, the professional roofing treatment solution for the long-term elimination of microorganisms from your roofs and facades.

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Antifoam Concentrate Roofing

treatment solution for roofs, walls and facades used for the in-depth removal of any parasitic organism or substance such as mosses, algae, encrusted lichens and other fungi that may appear over time.

Thanks to the anti-foam treatment process and its composition, parasitic plants are destroyed and decompose in a few days. They are evacuated from the roof afterwards in a natural way under the action of rain and wind in a few weeks.

Technical characteristics :

The anti foam Euronegoce roof has an effect not only curative but also preventive: it eliminates parasitic plants and it delays their re-appearance in time! The more absorbing the application support, the more important the prevention action will be.
On which supports apply antifoam ?.

It applies to all roofing materials and walls / facades: terracotta and concrete tiles, slates, fiber cement, shingles, plastics, plaster, plaster, paints, wood, stones, bricks, etc.

Manual :

Concentrated Antifoam 5L is a product to be diluted in 45 liters or 50 liters of useful product. Count on average 1 liters of diluted product per 25 m² of surface according to the porosity of the support. That is 125 m² of surface treated with a 5 liter can.

- Brush first with thick foams or large lichen plates.

- In very hot weather, moisten the substrate before application to cool and allow to dry.

- Apply the pure product, from bottom to top, on the dry substrate with a spray, brush or roller.

- Never rinse after application.

- Clean the tools with water after use.

Warning: it is normal that the results of the application of the anti-foam treatment are not immediately visible. The plants are destroyed in a few days and their evacuation can take several weeks. The treatment products act according to the material, the exposure and the climatic conditions: for an optimal result, it is sometimes necessary to wait until 3 months following the state of fouling of the support.

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