Sous couche parquet Noma Parket Green Rapid

ED.Noma Parket Green Rapid

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Noma Parkett Green Rapid underlay will allow you to insulate your floors to protect them from extreme temperatures and will make you enjoy its soundproofing power. This product is available in 15 m² sheets.

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Noma Parkett Green Rapid Underlayment

The Noma Parkett Green Rapid underlay is presented to you by NMC, the leading French manufacturer of polystyrene and polyurethane molding, to insulate your floors and protect them from the adverse effects of extreme temperatures or humidity. It will also soundproof by greatly promoting your comfort.

Technical characteristics of the Noma Parkett Green Rapid underlayment

This NMC sub-layer is available in 15 m² sheets that will allow you to cover large areas and make your work easier. Its thickness of 2 mm also increases its insulating and soundproofing power.

It is specially adapted to cover floors of the parquet type, but is also compatible with laminate floors with clips and floors for your interiors.

This product offers a very high insulating power to offer optimal protection to your floors against the inconvenience of extreme temperatures of -40 to 70 ° C and humidity. Its thickness also allows it to sound effectively with a shock absorption of 21 dB.

Noma Parkett's Green Rapid underlayment is accordion-shaped, which allows a much simpler and quicker laying on the area to be applied.

Laying tips

The floor to be covered must be dry, clean and even.

Cut out a sub-layer of the desired size using a cut, and then lay it on the ground. Cut out a second piece that you will position alongside the first one. For a good result, tie the strips together with a suitable adhesive.

To cover the wall connections, glue a portion of the tape over the Green Rapid underlay and the other on the wall on both sides of the wall corner.

A NMC product, French quality

NMC products are made from the highest quality materials, guaranteeing you a perfectly reliable and authentic product.