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The French company NMC recognized at the continental level offer Noma Parkett Silence Gold polystyrene foam, a foam designed to be placed under your floors. Designed for laying laminate floors with clips, cork floors and parquet flooring, it will amaze you with its excellent insulating properties and its ability to withstand natural stresses. Total length 10m.

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NMC polystyrene foam Noma Parkett Gold Silence

The famous French company NMC, widely recognized on a European scale for being the leader in polystyrene and polyurethane decorative moldings and cornices, offers Noma Parkett Gold Silence Expanded Polystyrene Foam. It is a foam intended to be arranged under your floors, compatible with laminate flooring type clips, cork or flooring. Its layer geometry is patented and offers high performance insulation. This material is also highly resistant to wear, high temperatures and natural hazards such as moisture and decay. Finally it allows a quiet and comfortable walk on your floors. The total length of a roll is 10m.

Technical characteristics of the Noma Parkett Gold Silence foam

The Noma Gold Polystyrene foam rolls have a total length of 10m allowing you to cover large surfaces, and a thickness of 4mm making the foam strong and efficient.

This material consists of expanded polystyrene and canalised, covered with a special vapor barrier film and has been patented for its specific geometric structure giving it excellent insulating properties.

Noma Parkett Gold NMC foam has many advantages: it has a high thermal resistance, is protected from rising humidity and is in no way smelly, it is rot-proof. Finally, it will give you improved and quiet comfort when you walk on your floors.

Its installation is simple and fast, it is suitable for the support of floors such as stratified floors with clips, cork or parquet thanks to its smooth surface. It is ideal for medium-frequented soils. Warning this equipment is incompatible with floor heating systems.

Tips for laying Noma Gold Polystyrene Foam

In the first place your floor must be clean, dry and regular, if there are irregularities of more than 2 mm it will be necessary to flatten them.

Unroll the roll on the golden side. Start by positioning the first one, then put the second against it, then unfold the overhangs to join the edges with the integrated adhesive tape.

Once your floor is laid, cut the surplus at the ends.

A NMC product, French quality

NMC production is of 100% French origin and is part of the standards in force. It is carried out with the know-how of professionals in materials of superior quality, guaranteeing you a final result of very high quality.

Transport and delivery

We use transportation partners for the delivery of our products. We carry out a pallet strapping to avoid any delivery incident and ensure our merchandise 100%. The only thing we ask our customers is to check the condition of the pallet and all its contents before acceptance of the delivery. If you have any doubt, refuse delivery and notify specific reservations on the waybill, otherwise we can not be held responsible if the goods shows significant damage.

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