Bubble NMC 3D Wall Panel Panels 2 Pieces


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We present the Wall Pannel 3D Bubble panels manufactured by NMC, a French company recognized for being the European leader in decorative moldings made of polyurethane and polystyrene. These 3D polyurethane panels will decorate your walls and give a rendering of the level of the work of a professional.

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Wall Panel 3D Bubble NMC panels

We offer 3D Wall Panel Bubble panels, manufactured by the European leader in decorative moldings in polystyrene and polyurethane NMC. They are intended to enhance the aesthetics of part or all of your walls by giving them relief in an original design, and can be used to create personal creations. Sold white, they require the use of paint if necessary.

Technical characteristics of Wall Panel 3D Bubble NMC panels

These panels have dimensions of 76x38 cm and can therefore cover a large area of ​​your wall.

Their polyurethane construction makes them durable and allows you to make sharp cuts without breaking your panel.

The 3D Wall Panel Bubble NMC panels are sold blank, so you will need to paint the color of your choice if necessary.

This product is sold in pack of 2 moldings.

Tips for painting and installing 3D Bubble NMC panels

Bubble NMC 3D Wall Panel panels are made of polyurethane and therefore have a factory installed primer underlayment. This gives you the opportunity to apply only a coat of paint. They are compatible with all paints and lacquers dilutable with water and acrylics, however do not hesitate to make tests.

To put a panel we recommend a quantity of glue of 70 g.

Provide additional accessories such as a cartridge gun and a sponge.

A NMC product, a guarantee of quality

NMC products are handmade in France by professionals using high quality materials, guaranteeing you a reliable and quality end product.

Transport and delivery

We use transport partners for the delivery of our products and ensure our merchandise 100%. The only thing we ask our customers is to check the state of the pallet and its contents before acceptance of the delivery. If you have any doubt, refuse delivery and notify specific reservations on the waybill, otherwise we can not be held responsible if the goods shows significant damage.

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