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Price €29.95
Versatile and powerful The AquaStop SELITFLEX® 3 mm combines good performance data with reliable protection against rising humidity and damage due...
Underlay For Soft Floors Noma Felt Nmc
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Regular price €54.95 -60% Price €21.98
We offer Noma Felt underlays for flexible floors by NMC, a product designed to provide protection and insulation to your floors, it can also...
Price €14.95
Extruded polystyrene foam with high insulating power. Ideal for laying clip laminate floors, floating floors and cork floors in rooms with high...
Price €15.90
Here is the Silver Rapid Plus parquet underlay, a product installed under your floors to ensure effective thermal and sound insulation of your home...
Price €12.50
The set of 4 Noma Nature cork tiles constitutes a very effective insulator which will protect your floors from the cold and will soundproof them....
Underlay Parquet Noma Parket Green plates 5mm 7M2
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Regular price €16.90 -15% Price €14.37
We offer the Para Noma Green underlay by the French from NMC, an insulating product which provides effective protection against excessively high...
Price €19.90
The Noma Parkett Green Rapid underlay will allow you to insulate your floors to protect them from extreme temperatures and will allow you to take...
Price €17.90
Discover the Noma Parket Eco Fiber Tile 5 mm underlay here, this quality product will provide high-performance thermal insulation and moisture...

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