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Price €29.50
Here is to finish the plumbing of your urinal the effect of wall water for urinal stall 48 mm in diameter and with supply M 1/2 60 mm.
Price €3.99
The bags of 10 tap head inserts will allow you to connect your tap head to a spider for easy mounting. Different diameters are available from 7 to...
Price €34.90
Discover our complete automatic drain assembly for 1-bowl sink with its siphon designed for ceramic, stainless steel and resin sinks...
Price €13.50
Wall sconce with Ø16 or 18 nut, 3/4 female outlet for faucet. Three finishes available raw, polished or polished-chrome
Price €2.90
You have equipped your faucet with a tamper-resistant inlet cover system so don’t forget to order this tap head key to open it!
Price €5.25
Here is an inlet cap head for your faucet, available with four thread sizes, this product comes with the seal but does not come with the key. Raw...
Price €4.91
For this product we offer 22 different sizes! So if you need to repair your faucet by replacing the stem head, it and certain that you will find...
Price €59.90
Here is a faucet that will delight gardeners who need to equip the vegetable garden with a double outlet watering faucet! the water inlet offers a...
Price €15.90
Faucet chrome finish, it will be ideal for watering and will allow you to secure it directly with a padlock. Two versions available the first with...
Price €13.95
Here is a draw-off valve with a 1/2 male thread, it will be ideal to be integrated on the wall fixture system. chrome or brushed finish.
Price €19.25
Drain valve available in brushed or chrome finish with 1/2 diameter thread and 3/8 head.
Price €13.90
Take advantage with us of cheap plumbing accessories with this drain valve offering a 1/2 diameter thread and a 1/2 diameter head. Finish of...
Price €13.99
Available in brushed or chrome finish, here is a sprinkler valve with a type 1/2 thread and a 1/2 thread head. Enjoy low-cost plumbing thanks to...
Price €18.50
We offer today a silent float valve for your WC with arrived M 3/8 (12-17). with enjoy a low price on the purchase of your silent WC...
Price €12.25
Do you need a guide for your toilet flushing chain? So here is one in chrome-plated laton with screw tab for quick and easy installation.
Price €17.90
Here is the tail cap available in 1 "and in three different finishes, matt chrome, polished or polished chrome.
Price €20.50
Here is the carp tail to be welded or glued with 32mm diameter bore, several finishes available, matt chrome, polished and polished chrome.
Price €4.90
Are you looking for a float for your toilet flush? So here is the nylon ball hunting float version with a diameter of 90 mm.
Price €15.90
Whether for a standard exchange or for a new installation, here is the spherical hunting float ball with a diameter of 85mm and a copper finish.
Price €15.14
To complete the plumbing of your toilets here is a flush valve in straight version and with available finish 3/8 raw and 3/8 chrome.
Price €74.50
To complete the plumbing in your community, here is an involuntary fixed wall shower.
Price €10.90
Shower head with or without gallery and with a diameter of 85 to 150 mm, shower head for community equipment made of stainless steel.
Price €29.55
Are you looking for shower column faucets to equip your communities, such as a swimming pool, a gym, a college? So here is the tap for shower...
Price €27.87
Are you looking for straight taps for shower columns and to equip your communities, such as a swimming pool, a gym, a college? So here is the tap...
Price €92.50
DM 1/2 pull-in shower supplied with stainless steel chain and chrome-plated ABS handle. Pull-out tap supplied without shower head.

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