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Price €12.25
Do you need a guide for your toilet flushing chain? So here is one in chromed laton with screw tab for simple and quick installation.
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Price €17.90
Here is the tail cap available in 1" and in three different finishes, matt chrome, polished or polished chrome.
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Price €20.50
Here is the carp tail to be welded or glued with a 32mm diameter bore, several finishes available, matt chrome, polished and polished chrome.
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Price €4.90
Are you looking for a float for your toilet flush? So here is the nylon ball hunting float version with a diameter of 90 mm.
Price €27.87
Are you looking for straight taps for shower columns and to equip your communities, such as a swimming pool, a gym, a college? So here comes the...
Price €29.55
Are you looking for shower column faucets to equip your communities, such as a swimming pool, a gym, a college? So here comes the tap for shower...
Price €19.90
For the installation of your washbasins, we offer this 58 mm Corbin spout, 4 options available, Arrival M 1/4 polished, M 1/4 chrome, M 3/8...
Price €35.50
To finalize the plumbing of your handwashers, here is the 1/2 mobile rejection for a table setting, swan neck 1/2 shape 15 cm and D ° option with...
Price €47.70
Need a 1/2 fixed discharge for a table setting for the installation of your hand basin? So here it is with a height of 180 mm and a projection of...
Price €78.90
For your plumbing, here is the mixing sleeve for placing on a table in a single hole, supplied by 3/8 l stainless steel hose. 350, with swan neck...
Price €95.00
Your hand-washing installation will love this fixed spout on the table made of 26 mm diameter and 1/2 "pipe.
Price €0.00
To finish your plumbing installation here is a tap on the table 1/2 sink with a time delay of 15 "+ - 5 is a flow of 5 liters at 3 bar.
Price €114.90
You are looking for a push-button and timed tap, we therefore offer this push-button tap for concealed shower. 25 "+ - 10 delay with a flow rate of...
Price €74.50
To complete the plumbing of your community here is a fixed wall shower involuntary.
Price €367.32
Here is a two-pedal tap in chrome finish 1/2. 11 "+ - 5 delay with 9.5 liters flow at 3 bar.
Price €124.90
For collective installation, tap with knee control 1/2 square with time delay 15 "+ - 5 and flow 5 liters at 3 bar.
Price €199.00
Here is the tap for your flush allowing a delay of 5 to 8 ", a flow of 1 to 1.4 liters per second and a dynamic pressure after any pressure drop....
Price €168.00
Here for your plumbing installation, the 1 pedal tap with 11 "+ 5 delay and a flow of 9.5 liters at 3 bars.
Price €39.90
Here to finish your installation in timed tap plumbing or pedal 1/2 pre-regulator with non-return valve and adjustable by wheel.
Price €29.50
Here is to finish the plumbing of your urinal the effect of wall water for urinal stall 48 mm in diameter and with M 1/2 60 mm supply.
Price €44.50
Are you looking for it to complete the plumbing in your community? So here it is the tubing for urinals of the brand OVALIA (ideal - Standard).
Price €29.90
Here is the urinal outlet socket with a diameter of 54 mm for your siphon. Available in 1 "1/4 with 1/2 connection or without 1/2 connection.
Price €19.50
Are you looking for an economical shower column for wholesale installation in your community? So check out our cheap shower column.

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