Discover here our accessories for plumbing, they will allow you to facilitate your installation and to ensure the maintenance of your toilets.

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Price €27.87
Are you looking for straight taps for shower columns and to equip your communities, such as a swimming pool, a gym, a college? So here comes the...
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Price €29.55
Are you looking for shower column faucets to equip your communities, such as a swimming pool, a gym, a college? So here comes the tap for shower...
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Price €19.90
For the installation of your washbasins, we offer this 58 mm Corbin spout, 4 options available, Arrival M 1/4 polished, M 1/4 chrome, M 3/8...
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Price €35.50
To finalize the plumbing of your handwashers, here is the 1/2 mobile rejection for a table setting, swan neck 1/2 shape 15 cm and D ° option with...
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Price €47.70
Need a 1/2 fixed discharge for a table setting for the installation of your hand basin? So here it is with a height of 180 mm and a projection of...
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Price €78.90
For your plumbing, here is the mixing sleeve for placing on a table in a single hole, supplied by 3/8 l stainless steel hose. 350, with swan neck...
Fixed spout on table Ø 26 1/2
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Price €95.00
Your hand-washing installation will love this fixed spout on the table made of 26 mm diameter and 1/2 "pipe.
Fixed wall shower
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Price €74.50
To complete the plumbing of your community here is a fixed wall shower involuntary.
Pre-regulator for timed foot valve
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Price €39.90
Here to finish your installation in timed tap plumbing or pedal 1/2 pre-regulator with non-return valve and adjustable by wheel.
Wall effect water tubing Ø 48mm
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Price €29.50
Here is to finish the plumbing of your urinal the effect of wall water for urinal stall 48 mm in diameter and with M 1/2 60 mm supply.
Ovalia Standard Urinal Tubing
  • New
Price €44.50
Are you looking for it to complete the plumbing in your community? So here it is the tubing for urinals of the brand OVALIA (ideal - Standard).
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Price €10.90
Shower head with or without gallery and with a diameter of 85 to 150 mm, shower head for community equipment made of stainless steel.
Aubagne Urinal Tubing
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Price €45.50
Here is the tubing to equip your AUBAGNE C.E.C. urinal Ideal for equipping your communities, here is the Aubagne urinal tubing.
1 "1/4 urinal trap with socket
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Price €74.41
For the installation of your communities, we offer this 1 "1/4 MF urinal siphon with a 54 mm diameter outlet socket and 1/2 fitting.
Urinal outlet socket Ø 54mm
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Price €29.90
Here is the urinal outlet socket with a diameter of 54 mm for your siphon. Available in 1 "1/4 with 1/2 connection or without 1/2 connection.
Price €18.90
The luxury MF 1/2 ball head is an accessory designed to bring mobility to your shower and give you more freedom. It is available in chrome brass...
Price €15.00
Discover here the 50 ° brass elbow for shower holder, a very useful accessory that will allow you to complete your installation by giving it...
Price €219.00
Here is the bath spout Antares chrome M3 / 4 is a product designed to complement your bathtub by attaching to a wall for a waterfall jet. It has a...
Price €619.00
We offer the M3 / 4 oblique chrome wall-mounted bath spout, an accessory to complement your bathtub by attaching to the wall to provide a waterfall...
Price €12.28
Here is the standard 8mm notched faucet head, a ceramic product to install a spider and use your faucet in a practical way. The height of the flap...
Price €10.39
The 18x150 Porcher special faucet head will allow you to complete your faucet by welcoming a brace for more convenience when using it.
Price €54.90
The large kitchen faucet J. de Vries will allow you to decorate your faucet with an elegant design. It is available in height 30 cm.
Price €1.49
We propose you the aerator-aerator NF anti-scale chrome, a product which will purify and soften your jet of water. It is available in diameters 22,...
Price €4.75
We present the axis extension for robine heads, a very useful accessory that will allow you to adapt your valve heads to all your faucet...
Price €4.95
We offer the Grohé 1/2 special faucet head to allow you to install a brace on your faucet quickly and easily.
Price €1.59
Here is the Air-Force One chrome aerator-aerator, a product to integrate into your faucet to soften your water jet. This model is more resistant to...
Price €6.90
We present you the kit of fixation for WC, a set of parts useful to install a bowl on your toilet.

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