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Euronégoce Special Offer Pack 3 Cleaning Products All Surfaces

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We offer a special offer grouping powerful cleaning products in a pack of 3 bottles of 750 mL and 1 L depending on the product, and allowing you to treat all types of surfaces: modern surfaces (laminate or painted, telephones, offices, etc. ), windows, tables, and even your toilets. These products leave no traces and are safe for your septic tank

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The pack of 3 Euronégoce maintenance products

Euronégoce Distributions offers you a very versatile special offer including a total of 3 most efficient cleaning products, to handle all types of tasks to the toughest (oil painting, grease, rust ...), and this on all your soiled surfaces. So here you will find the Cleaner Descaling Sanitary Scent Fleuri Euronegotiate, Cleaner Multi Purpose Net Speed ​​Euronegotiation and finally the Cleaner Multi Modern Surfaces and Window Professional Euronegotiable. These products specifically designed for your comfort leave no trace after use, and are safe for your septic tank, in the case of sanitary cleaning. They are in format 750 mL and 1 L depending on the product.

Technical characteristics of the Euronégoce special offer products

The Euronégoce Sanitary Cleaner and the Euronégoce Modern Surfaces and Glass Cleaner are packaged in 750ml bottles, and the Net Speed ​​Euronegotiation Multi Purpose Cleaner is available in 1L format. You will therefore be able to make many applications on your surfaces. treat.

Their formula has been designed by specialists in order to handle in the most efficient way all the tasks on your surfaces, always without leaving any trace. You can clean your bathroom with confidence, these products have been manufactured so as not to damage your septic tank.

They contain, depending on the product in question, surfactants, phosphoric acid, alkaline salts, solvents, sequestering agents and preservatives. Respectful of the environment in accordance with the standards in force, the products of the Euronegotiate special offer are more than 90% biodegradable.

These products are highly likely to cause skin burns and serious eye damage if contacted, so we recommend that you have eye safety equipment and gloves.

Tips for using and storing special pack products

Spray your products on the stains to be cleaned, then brush or scrub thoroughly before wiping your surface with a lint-free cloth. Do not hesitate to let act a few moments in case of major fouling.

For a cleaning of your floors with Euronégoce Net Speed ​​Cleaner, dilute 2 to 5% of product in clean water according to the severity of the tasks to clean.

Before using these products, for your safety, do not hesitate to equip yourself with body protection, such as gloves.

Keep your products out of reach of children, in a ventilated and cool place.

A Euronégoce product, a guarantee of quality

Euronégoce cleaning products are manufactured according to the safety and hygiene standards in force, in accordance with the decree and the decree dealing with the cleaning products of the material in contact with the foodstuffs, and have all seen their formula deposited with the approved poison control center. By purchasing one of our products you naturally choose quality, reliability.

Transport and delivery

We use transport partners for the delivery of our products, and ensure 100% our products. We strive to provide you with the fastest delivery and guaranteed products in excellent condition. If you have any doubt, refuse delivery and notify specific reservations on the waybill in the presence of the driver, otherwise we can not be held responsible if the goods shows significant damage.

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