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Price €8.50
Discover the universal chrome 7 mm faucet head, a useful accessory to accommodate a spider on all types of taps and to use your equipment in all...
Price €59.90
The 1/2 sink drain with covered cap and 85 mm tray is a product with a retro design very neat to ensure the emptying of wastewater from your sink.
Lot of TBox Boxes + Flipper Box
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Regular price €89.90 -€10.00 Price €79.90
The set of storage boxes Tbox + Flipper Box consists of two tool boxes specially adapted for professionals but can also help individuals. They will...
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  • -€10.00
Regular price €37.08 -€10.00 Price €27.08
The 1.5 mm Noma Parket blue Lvt gold is ideal as a base for vinyl or designer floors, even in damp rooms and above the heated floor. With its...
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Price €57.00
The original version Tbox 400 toolbox is a high quality product for storing and protecting all of your tools in their original design using red and...
Price €99.50
The wall mixer 1/2 80 mm center distance is a product to install on your wall to control the water temperature. It is available with aerator and...
Toolbox Tbox 400 Euronegoce Posso
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Price €55.00
Here is the famous TBox 400 toolbox from Posso, still as effective and appreciated. Its numerous ergonomic storages are capable of accommodating...
Price €99.90
Discover here the wall mixer 1/2 center distance 100 mm, an accessory to fix on one of your walls to play on the water temperature. It is available...
Boite à Outils TBox 400 + 1jeux tournevis offert
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Price €52.90
The special offer including the TBox 400 toolbox + 1 set of free screwdrivers constitutes an ideal set to offer to your loved ones and will allow...
Price €2.35
The anti-theft key for tap aerator is a very practical tool which will allow you to assemble and disassemble your aerators with ease.
Price €27.00
The shower hose with golden nut is a very practical accessory intended to decorate a hand shower to constitute a mobile unit for your bathroom. It...
Price €4.95
We offer the special Grohé 1/2 faucet head to allow you to install a spider on your faucet quickly and easily.
Price €2.30
The special Grohé 3/8 faucet head is a very useful product to install on your taps to accommodate a spider. It is manufactured to facilitate...
Price €6.99
We offer the polypropylene sink drain with chain, an accessory to place on your sanitary to ensure the retention and rapid drainage of water. This...
Roof Antifoam Concentrate Cleanser
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Price €24.90
Discover Concentré D'Euronegoce antifoam, the professional roofing treatment solution to permanently eliminate microorganisms from your roofs and...
Price €37.50
Equip yourself with the Euro Stab SFR safety group which will allow you to support the 7 bar of your water heater and which will above all comply...
Price €13.50
Wall sconce with Ø16 or 18 nut, 3/4 female outlet for faucet. Three finishes available raw, polished or polished-chrome
Price €2.90
You have equipped your faucet with a tamper-resistant inlet cover system so don’t forget to order this tap head key to open it!
Price €5.25
Here is an inlet cap head for your faucet, available with four thread sizes, this product comes with the seal but does not come with the key. Raw...
Price €4.91
For this product we offer 22 different sizes! So if you need to repair your faucet by replacing the stem head, it and certain that you will find...
Price €18.50
We offer today a silent float valve for your WC with arrived M 3/8 (12-17). with euro-negoce.fr enjoy a low price on the purchase of your silent WC...
Price €12.25
Do you need a guide for your toilet flushing chain? So here is one in chrome-plated laton with screw tab for quick and easy installation.
Price €17.90
Here is the tail cap available in 1 "and in three different finishes, matt chrome, polished or polished chrome.
Price €20.50
Here is the carp tail to be welded or glued with 32mm diameter bore, several finishes available, matt chrome, polished and polished chrome.
Price €4.90
Are you looking for a float for your toilet flush? So here is the nylon ball hunting float version with a diameter of 90 mm.
Price €15.90
Whether for a standard exchange or for a new installation, here is the spherical hunting float ball with a diameter of 85mm and a copper finish.
Price €74.50
To complete the plumbing in your community, here is an involuntary fixed wall shower.

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