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Price €29.95
Versatile and powerful The AquaStop SELITFLEX® 3 mm combines good performance data with reliable protection against rising humidity and damage due...
Boite à Outils TBox 400 + 1jeux tournevis offert
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Price €52.90
The special offer bringing together the TBox 400 toolbox and a set of pliers offered is an excellent choice to offer a gift to those around you and...
Balai extérieur 80 cm
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Regular price €8.99 -10% Price €8.09
The 80cm broom brush is designed to sweep the exterior and interior of laundry rooms. It is also perfect for cleaning the garage, basement, shed...
Balai extérieur 60 cm
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Regular price €6.80 -10% Price €6.12
Broom brush with a size of 60cm ideal for sweeping sidewalks, stairs, leafy terraces, sand and garbage, and also in winter with snow. It is also...
Price €5.49
50cm broom brush designed to sweep the exterior and interior of laundry rooms. It is also perfect for cleaning the garage, basement, shed and all...
Price €4.49
Here is a 40 cm broom brush specializing in outdoor cleaning and ideal for sweeping sidewalks, stairs, leafy terraces, sand and garbage, and also...
Ciseaux multifonctions 225 mm
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Regular price €2.18 -10% Price €1.97
Multifunction scissors ergonomically shaped to facilitate its use. Size of the scissors 225mm.
4 roulettes caoutchouc 40 mm
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Regular price €4.34 -10% Price €3.90
A set of four rubber wheels for furniture, including two swivel wheels. Wheel diameter: 40 mm, base dimensions: 45x35 mm. Durable black rubber wheels.
Price €12.20
HEAVY DUTY professional hatchet designed for all carpentry work. A thin and solid blade ensures a clean cut. A specially profiled wooden handle...
Price €12.67
4x6m waterproof tarpaulin, the tarp can be used to cover and protect objects inside and outside. It protects against dirt and dust as well as...
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Price €57.00
The original version Tbox 400 toolbox is a high quality product for storing and protecting all of your tools in their original design using red and...
Boite à Outils TBox 400 + 1jeux tournevis offert
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Price €52.90
The special offer including the TBox 400 toolbox + 1 set of free screwdrivers constitutes an ideal set to offer to your loved ones and will allow...
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Regular price €5.54 -10% Price €4.99
Robust side cutters, satin finish. Total tool length 175 mm. Ergonomic handle covered with non-slip plastic.
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Regular price €5.33 -10% Price €4.80
High quality pliers in insulated satin steel. you can handle gripping and holding elements and cut wires, cables, pipes, etc. The ergonomic...
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Regular price €6.92 -10% Price €6.23
Pliers to coat to allow the installation of rivets of 2.4 mm, 3.2 mm, 4.0 mm, 4.8 mm.
  • -10%
Regular price €2.34 -10% Price €2.11
The set contains 6 pieces of worm gear, stainless steel cable ties. Thanks to the special construction, the strips do not damage the pipe and at...
Presse d'angle 75mm
  • -10%
Regular price €4.52 -10% Price €4.07
Angular carpentry pliers allow precise clamping of glued elements at a 90-degree angle. A tool for professionals as well as amateurs and hobbyists....
jeu de 8 clés plates double
  • -10%
Regular price €14.41 -10% Price €12.97
A set of high quality flat keys in chrome vanadium alloy. Sizes: 6x7, 8x9, 10x11, 12x13, 14x15, 16x17, 18x19, 20x22 mm. Keys according to DIN.
Jeu de clés HEX 1.5-10mm
  • -10%
Regular price €4.80 -10% Price €4.32
Allen keys with ball tips for "angled" operation. Made of durable chrome vanadium alloy. Placed in a solid and practical plastic clip with...
Jeu clés Torx
  • -10%
Regular price €4.18 -10% Price €3.76
Set of 9 torks (torx) keys with a hole. Made of durable chrome-vanadium alloy. On the shortest arm of the key, there is a torx with a hole, on the...
Coffret jeu d'embouts tournevis 100 pièces
  • -10%
Regular price €14.07 -10% Price €12.66
A set of screwdriver bits, bits. The set is made of chrome-vandal CR-V steel. The complete set enclosed in a practical organizer.
Jeu de foret à métaux 1-10 mm
  • -10%
Regular price €5.77 -10% Price €5.19
A set of basic metal drills. 19 drills packed in a practical plastic box. Sizes 1 - 1.5 - 2 - 2.5 - 3 - 3.5 - 4 - 4.5 - 5 - 5.5 - 6 - 6.5 - 7 - 7.5...
Jeu de foret méches à bois 3 -10 mm
  • -10%
Regular price €2.90 -10% Price €2.61
A set of basic wood drills in plastic packaging. Sizes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 mm.
Lot de 12 fraises à défoncer en coffret bois 8mm
  • -10%
Regular price €30.92 -10% Price €27.83
Box of 12 strawberries to smash. Tungsten carbide cutting edges. Ideal for routers with 8 mm shanks. Robust rods in hardened steel.
Scie égoïne à dents trempées 500 mm
  • -10%
Regular price €3.81 -10% Price €3.43
Hardened saw 500 mm. The saw is suitable for cutting dry and wet wood, also works well with PVC material. Perfect in a professional business as...
Scie à guichet 250mm
  • -10%
Regular price €8.17 -10% Price €7.36
Hand saw with very sharp steel blade SK-5. Used to enlarge the holes. The small blade height can be inserted into the borehole and the saw can cut...
Scie à métaux 300mm aluminium
  • -10%
Regular price €4.80 -10% Price €4.32
Metal saw. Tubular metal frame with aluminum handle. Saw blade: 300 mm.
Scie cloche 2" 26-67mm
  • -10%
Regular price €4.15 -10% Price €3.73
Hole saw set, sizes: 26 mm, 32 mm, 36 mm, 45 mm, 50 mm, 54 mm, 63 mm. Height of the rings: 40 mm.
Box Flipper Box Euronegoce Posso
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Regular price €31.50 -10% Price €28.35
Here is the Flipper Box by Posso and Euronégoce, descendant of the famous Tbox 400 toolbox which will enhance your work plan in the best possible...
Coffret scie cloche bois et plastique 18-63 mm
  • -10%
Regular price €8.36 -10% Price €7.53
Hole saws for cutting holes in wood and plastic. They adapt to any type of drill. The kit includes, 8-hole saws, guide drill, adapter, Allen key.
cutter 18 mm
  • -10%
Regular price €0.62 -10% Price €0.56
Extensible wallpaper knife. Plastic case. Blade width 18 mm.
Couteau Aluminium lino 150 mm
  • -10%
Regular price €2.62 -10% Price €2.36
Universal retractable knife ideal for cutting cardboard boxes, wallpapers, paper, aluminum foil, linoleum ... replaceable blades. The knife is made...
Petit rabot en acier 135 x 40 mm
  • -10%
Regular price €5.49 -10% Price €4.94
Small steel planer with a size of 135 x 40 mm. All elements, except for the adjustment knob, are made of metal.
Mètre ruban verouillage rapide 25mm x 8m
  • -10%
Regular price €7.21 -10% Price €6.49
Measuring tape length 8m, width 25mm, roll-up tape with quick-lock system and ergonomic rubber handle. Metal tape made of solid material which does...
Ruban de mesure 10M
  • -10%
Regular price €4.02 -10% Price €3.62
Fiberglass tape measure, metric scale. Length: 10 m, width: 12.5 mm.
Ruban de mesure 20M
  • -10%
Regular price €4.21 -10% Price €3.79
Measuring tape reinforced with fiberglass. Foldable handle to quickly roll up the measurement. Closed case, 20 m long, 12 mm wide.
Ruban de mesure Pro 20M
  • -10%
Regular price €11.01 -10% Price €9.91
Measuring tape reinforced with fiberglass, 20 m long, width: 15 mm. Equipped with a quick-wind mechanism with a gear, it is very practical to use.
Pied à coulisse 150 mm inox
  • -10%
Regular price €12.29 -10% Price €11.06
Vernier caliper in stainless steel, 150 mm long and 0.02 mm precise. Packed in an aesthetic plastic case.
Ciseaux acier inoxydable 225 mm
  • -10%
Regular price €3.74 -10% Price €3.37
Universal scissors. Stainless steel blades. The ergonomic shape and the non-slip plastic handles ensure comfortable working. Size: 225 mm.
Flexible débouche évier de 5 mètres
  • -10%
Regular price €8.08 -10% Price €7.27
Spring, hydraulic spiral, pipe cleaner, snake type. It is used to unblock the sink, sink, bath, shower, toilet, drain grates, gutters, etc.
Ruban réparation imperméable 50m
  • -10%
Regular price €5.93 -10% Price €5.34
Universal repair tape, width 50 mm and length 50 m. Waterproof, reinforced with mesh. Black color. Indispensable for quick repairs such as filling...
4 Roulettes nylon 40mm
  • -10%
Regular price €4.40 -10% Price €3.96
Set 2 swivel castors + 2 fixed Ø40 nylon castors with metal fork
4 roulettes meuble caoutchouc noir 30 mm
  • -10%
Regular price €3.81 -10% Price €3.43
A set of four rubber furniture wheels, all swivel. Wheel diameter: 30 mm, base dimensions: 35x30 mm, total height: 35 mm.
Marteau serruier forgé 300g
  • -10%
Regular price €2.84 -10% Price €2.56
Locksmith's hammer, forged. Head weight 100g, in accordance with DIN standard. Wooden handle with metal gusset, varnished.

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